Latest Favorite Apps

This is a continuation of my previous post, Photography Apps.

I hate paying for anything I can get free, so I can’t bring myself to pay for a photography app for my IPod, even if it is just $0.99. Maybe I’m holding myself back, I don’t know. But for now I’m exploring my free options.

This all started as a quest to see what else is out there other than the built in camera. I researched the top apps and then downloaded and tested several different ones. Over all the camera on an IPod is nothing compared to my Mama sized Canon. But you can’t predict when you’ll need to capture a moment, so in pinch I’m happy to have any camera at all.

So after all my testing, which apps are my favorites?

PS Express

After several disappointing downloads I was pleased with this simple camera and basic built in editing tools.

I took this photo today and knew that the IPod camera wasn’t going to capture the snow and cloudy sky perfectly but I wanted to see what I could come with.

After I took this picture I proceeded to change the contrast to 20%, made the saturation 100%, and then went to “Effects” and choose “Vibrant”.

I was pleased with the final result considering what I started with.

Microsoft Photosynth

This app does a great job at stitching together several pictures to make a fantastic panoramic. My favorite so far was taken from the rooftop of a parking building in East Lansing.


To really see what it will do you’ll have to download it and try it yourself. I’d have to say, I think it is worth check out.

Camera Art FX

This app had a variety of effects to use in the camera. They play in real time on the preview allowing you to make instant decisions based on what you can see already. Some of my favorites were the vintage and poster effects.


I don’t expect to be giving up my Canon any time soon but I think the built in camera app has been replaced.

Photography Apps

styled mobile app photo

My number one backup camera when I don’t have my Canon PowerShot with me is my IPod because I carry it with me all the time. If I’m at home I usually have it either plugged in to recharge the battery or it’s within arms reach so I can answer calls, check the calendar and to do lists, or check my email at a moment’s notice. If I’m out I have it on me too. It has become a must have while shopping because not only can I keep track of the time but I can also take pictures of items I want to compare prices on.

So other than the basic camera app that is built in, what else is out there? I have downloaded several different free photo apps to my IPod and have had fun trying out all their features and settings, hence the photo of my son doing school work. My biggest complaint so far is that they take so much time to load.

Reviews soon to come.

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