First Family Session

A few weeks ago I met with this new family for a photo session. It was meant to be newborn photos but time had gotten away from us and this little guy was already a month old! Going into it I knew it was going to be more difficult to get him to cooperate, and it was.

I tried to do as much homework as possible to be ready with a plan and props, but most of that went out the window. Looking back I can see a lot of areas where I can improve… now having a better idea of what my camera and I can do.

It’s nice to look at all the beautiful newborn pictures out there and think, “Awe, I could do that.” But the truth is… it takes a lot of practice and patience.

Father, Mother, and Son

Mother and Son

New Family Photo


Ready to go sledding

I love how much a simple thing like perspective can change everything. With this simple change you can go from taking ordinary and average looking pictures to ones that look much more interesting. Instead of taking this portrait from a standing position (above the subject), or sitting (at the same level as the subject), I took it from below the subject’s level. In this case that meant laying on my stomach, in the snow. Thankfully, I was prepared with all my snow gear on!

My only complaint is that this picture cuts off the top of his hat. Not bad though.

Covered with Snow

I love the snow setting on my camera and now I finally get to use it! We just had our first snow storm of the season and I couldn’t pass up the chance to snap a few pictures. I love the beauty of a snow covered landscape. It really is a dramatic contrast to the bright blue sky.

road sign

I’m sure there will be a lot more snowy pictures to come this season so I hope you enjoy the white stuff as much as I do.

snow covered tree