Spring 2013

Black Bird

This one was taken from my own back yard. I sat and watched the father and mother birds bringing food to the nest inside a hollowed out part of the tree. Earlier in the spring I got to see them working to build the nest that is now filled with hungry babies. This picture is of the father who is carrying some red berries, just before going into the nest.

Purple Flower

Spring Robin

Red Blossoms

Cockatiel with Personality

Cockatiel with personality

Buddy definitely has a personality of his own and usually shows it by announcing my husband’s arrival home every day. He enjoys sitting on our shoulder, nibbling our ears, and the treats we give him. While he’ll allow us to feed him by hand, he prefers that we keep them to ourselves after the food is gone. He can say “Hi Buddy,” and will do so if you spend a bit of time hanging out. Sometimes he will even compliment us with a whistle. We have owned cockatiels in the past but Buddy is by far the best.