Yearbook Cover

Last year I did some design work for a very small, private school. It was the second time that I did a yearbook cover for them. When I am asked to do some design work, there is usually a very specific idea of what they have in mind. But for this particular job, they were happy just to have someone do it. So, with the possibilities wide open I had a great time indulging my creative side.

The yearbook covers were to be printed on 16″ x 11″ white paper and then would be folded to cover the inside pages. When designing it, I had to be sure to incorporate the white space on the edge of the page for the printer.


The first one I did was the most fun, playing around with different colors. I started with the school photo and their logo. The polar bear was the school mascot. They didn’t have a specific one so I came up with the silhouette of it on my own and incorporated it into the design.

2009-2010 Yearbook Cover


The second one was rushed due to time constraints. I wasn’t able to put as much time into playing around with different ideas like I had before, but I was able to come up with an eye catching, clean design. I had the privilege of being the photographer for the school photo this time. I thought it turned out well so I used it as the focal point.

2010-2011 Yearbook Cover


Ready to go sledding

I love how much a simple thing like perspective can change everything. With this simple change you can go from taking ordinary and average looking pictures to ones that look much more interesting. Instead of taking this portrait from a standing position (above the subject), or sitting (at the same level as the subject), I took it from below the subject’s level. In this case that meant laying on my stomach, in the snow. Thankfully, I was prepared with all my snow gear on!

My only complaint is that this picture cuts off the top of his hat. Not bad though.

Grand River

Despite the lack of snow for Christmas this year we still took advantage of the opportunity to be outdoors as a family. We went for a beautiful walk in the park enjoying the sunshine and mild cool temps.

I couldn’t get over colors of the blue sky reflecting off the river.

Rail bridge at the Grand River

This was taken at the railroad bridge that crosses the Grand River in Fitzgerald Park. (You can even see the blue Grand Ledge water tower in the distance.)