Canoeing Upriver

We were given the opportunity to borrow a friends’ canoe to take out on the Pembina River. The day we choose to head out was warm but windy and it took us an hour and a half to travel up river, a short distance that is just a 10 minute walk. After a short break we then turned back and made the same distance in just 20 minutes.

Pembina River with the ski hill in the distance.

Stanley Park

My family rented two tandem bicycles and rode them around Stanley Park in Vancouver. Having locked up our bikes, we also ventured inland on foot to walk around Beaver Lake where I took these pictures.

Water lily growing on Beaver Lake.
“Stanley” the slug whom we met along the path.

If you’re asking, I rode on the back of the bike and just held on for my life. But when I stopped being afraid of crashing, I found I had a great view riding the seawall bike path.

This one is taken on English Bay and was a favorite of mine.
The sunset on Second Beach was beautiful and hard not to stop and appreciate.

Detroit River Fireworks

Detroit River Fireworks - July 2016

This is two photos combined into one. I used the sky from one and the foreground from another and placed one over the other. The dramatic effect I got was exactly what I was looking for, minus the random people standing in the middle and on the far right. In the end I decided I kinda liked the silhouette people, giving the photo a more authentic feel.