QR Code Business Card

My husband asked me to design him some business cards. The criteria was that they had to be black and white and include a big enough image of his own personalized QR code that he provided to me. Oh, and his design preference is more on the minimalistic side.

The designs were whipped up in good ‘ol Inkscape in one afternoon and before the day was through we had them printed out and ready to go! We both prefer the first one the best.

QR Code Business Card Design #1

QR Code Business Card Design #2

QR Code Business Card Design #3

Stroud-lusk Prayer Card

Stroud-lusk Prayer Card

This prayer card was tricky with multiple components. I was given the photo of the couple  (on the left) as well as a family photo (on the right). The difficulty came with family photo not already including everyone. I was given an additional lower quality photo and asked to incorporate them. This took a lot of tweaking with the color balance, contrast, scaling, etc. I would have liked to have taken the photo myself, making the lighting similar but this was not possible. Can you see the two in the center/back and how the light hits them a little differently than the others? In the end I think it turned out pretty well. I then added additional text and grahical elements.