Spring Break 2022

Even though we traveled south for spring break, we still had to bring our coats and hats. Our journey home took us north through Michigan, across the Mackinac Bridge, and west along the bottom edge of the Upper Peninsula where these pictures were taken.

Foggy view of the Mackinac Bridge.

This bridge connects the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan together along I-75 and boast of being the longest suspension bridge between anchorages in the Western Hemisphere. Unfortunately, we found it to be closed due to falling ice that added a 4 hour delay to our trip.

Dock pilings in Chequamegon Bay, off of Lake Superior.

It was a scenic drive allowing us to enjoy the view of Lake Michigan, Huron, and Superior.

Winter Beauty

This winter I have been enjoying the view outside. It can be a little more challenging this time of year to find things to photograph, but that just means you need to bundle up and look a little closer.

Looking out over the icy blue Assiniboine River in Spruce Woods Provincial Park.

I love taking pictures of flowers’ intricate detail, but in the dead of winter there aren’t many flowers to photograph in the north. I was delighted to find these flower like heads on some bushes that caught my eye.

A half moon hangs above this rural farm basking the last rays of light from the setting sun.