Winter Highlights

Now that it’s officially spring, I have gone back and looked at the pictures I took the last few months. I was surprised to see such intensity of the colours in many photos, something that my winter shots usually lack. Here are a few of my favourites…

Old truck parked by the gravel road that leads out of town.
Ice skating on the aqua ice at the creek.

Winter Beauty

This winter I have been enjoying the view outside. It can be a little more challenging this time of year to find things to photograph, but that just means you need to bundle up and look a little closer.

Looking out over the icy blue Assiniboine River in Spruce Woods Provincial Park.

I love taking pictures of flowers’ intricate detail, but in the dead of winter there aren’t many flowers to photograph in the north. I was delighted to find these flower like heads on some bushes that caught my eye.

A half moon hangs above this rural farm basking the last rays of light from the setting sun.