Photography Apps

styled mobile app photo

My number one backup camera when I don’t have my Canon PowerShot with me is my IPod because I carry it with me all the time. If I’m at home I usually have it either plugged in to recharge the battery or it’s within arms reach so I can answer calls, check the calendar and to do lists, or check my email at a moment’s notice. If I’m out I have it on me too. It has become a must have while shopping because not only can I keep track of the time but I can also take pictures of items I want to compare prices on.

So other than the basic camera app that is built in, what else is out there? I have downloaded several different free photo apps to my IPod and have had fun trying out all their features and settings, hence the photo of my son doing school work. My biggest complaint so far is that they take so much time to load.

Reviews soon to come.

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