Detroit River Fireworks

Detroit River Fireworks - July 2016

This is two photos combined into one. I used the sky from one and the foreground from another and placed one over the other. The dramatic effect I got was exactly what I was looking for, minus the random people standing in the middle and on the far right. In the end I decided I kinda liked the siluette people, giving the photo a more authentic feel.

Detroit Skyline Sunset

Detroit Skyline Sunset

The last picture I posted looked so cold and uninviting that when I snapped this picture, I knew it would be the next one I’d share with you. I took this just a week ago when the temps were abnormally warm on a mid March day, reaching into the 60s. With spring just around the corner, I’m excited to get back outside again with my camera.

Fall Portrait

I took these photos on a very cold day in November. It was misserable weather for having your picture taken because all we wanted to do was bundle up and go back indoors. By the time we were done we had red noses and frozen fingers.

In my haste, I lament that I didn’t take the time to make sure the shots were turing out. Many pictures had a good idea going but I didn’t execute the way I should have. I think I really didn’t have a good idea of what I needed to get either, which led to many random shots that weren’t kept. I guess that’s part of learning from you mistakes.

In the end I did end up with some keepers. Here are a few…

IMG_2958-1Standing by the White Fence Sitting by the Red Barn Close-up by the Red Barn Leaning on the Red Barn

Before/After: Brush

Before: This first photo was taken in 2010. I was trying out my macro setting on the camera and was enjoying how much detail I could capture in the weeds and yet how blurry I could get the background.

Queen Annes Lace


After: This is my new favorite recent picture. It was taken at Lincoln Brick Park back in January 2013 when we got out to enjoy above freezing temperatures and some fresh air. I love how much detail there is and how warm the colors are.


Again, I used the macro setting in the this shot. I like how I used the treeline in the second one and how it’s much brighter as well. I would say that you can see a big improvement in my technique.