QR Code Business Card

My husband asked me to design him some business cards. The criteria was that they had to be black and white and include a big enough image of his own personalized QR code that he provided to me. Oh, and his design preference is more on the minimalistic side.

The designs were whipped up in good ‘ol Inkscape in one afternoon and before the day was through we had them printed out and ready to go! We both prefer the first one the best.

QR Code Business Card Design #1 business-card-2 business-card-3

First Family Session

A few weeks ago I met with this new family for a photo session. It was meant to be newborn photos but time had gotten away from us and this little guy was already a month old! Going into it I knew it was going to be more difficult to get him to cooperate, and it was.

I tried to do as much homework as possible to be ready with a plan and props, but most of that went out the window. Looking back I can see a lot of areas where I can improve… now having a better idea of what my camera and I can do.

It’s nice to look at all the beautiful newborn pictures out there and think, “Awe, I could do that.” But the truth is… it takes a lot of practice and patience.