Alphabet Photography

You may be asking, “What is alphabet photography?” But chances are, you have seen it before.

It’s the process of taking photos of everyday objects that resemble letters of the alphabet, then arranging the pictures together to create your very own personalized letter photo art. You can make them in color, black and white, or even sepia if you prefer. All you have to do is take pictures of random things that resemble the letter you want, or if you’re really smart you can think of something that actually has to do with the word you are spelling out.

It’s been fun doing these because the possibilities are endless! The few I’ve made have become good wedding, anniversary, and Christmas gifts.

1. LOVE – “Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.” Peter 4:8

Letter Photography: LOVE

2. BREMER – May 14, 2011

Letter Photography:  BREMER

3. HAYNES – April 23, 1983

Letter Photography: HAYNES

Canon AE-1 Program

Five years after the original AE-1 was introduced, Canon brought out an excellent upgraded version in 1981, known as the AE-1 Program or AE-1P in short. The major difference was the addition of the Program AE mode which sets both the shutter speed and aperture automatically.

I came into possession of this camera several years ago and thoughtlessly set it aside. Now it’s time to dust it off and see what this old SLR classic can do.

With it is a FD 35-105mm f3.5 zoom lens. This should get me started. Now I plan to look over the manual for the camera and buy a roll of film.

I have to admit… I’m just a little bit giddy. This should be fun.